About Refrra

Refrra connects businesses with paying customers, then rewards their customers not only for buying but also for sharing, creating an ever growing network of happy customers and incentivised sales partners. Our payment process is automated, which guarantees payment directly to referral partners, as soon as a sale is realised, simplifying the largest source of sales in most businesses, word of mouth.

What drives Refrra?

The ability to give back is the essence of refrra

success based

Refrra all started from a question… why cant other industries sell their products or services like the real estate industry - commission upon success, paid to anyone who has a buyer!

keeping money local

Most marketing costs these days are paid to Google or Facebook which sends your spend overseas and never to return. Wouldn't it be nice to see that money again?


To create a system where everyone wins there must be transparency for all involved, not only in the management of mutual business but also for the consumer, this is how we all win.

Community Driven

With the world getting smaller it is harder to stand out, this is why being involved in communities are such a great thing for businesses and can provide many other benefits for those involved.

Our mission

To empower any business, no matter the industry or size to take advantage of success based marketing.

Our story

Refrra all started from a question… why cant other industries sell their products or services like the real estate industry - commission upon success, paid to anyone who has a buyer!

Well, we found the problem... The current PROCESS to attain and manage referral partners is very involved and time consuming…

- Businesses needs to find and connect to sales partners
- Suitable referral offers & partner benefits needs to be solidified
- Agreements need to be documented and stored for clarity and reference
- Businesses need to track the source of every lead and be able to provide updates to partners
- Payment amounts need to be calculated and paid to the referral partners
- And records should be kept from all referral sales so partner performance can be tracked and analysed

There is no existing solution which provides efficient means to managing this whole process… This is said in a complete understanding of the current segmented technology offerings such as: crms, social platforms, payment gateways, loyalty programs, online referral campaign systems, and discount listings platforms.

The fact to the matter is it takes all these segmented offerings and all the participants involvement to complete this one process efficiently!


Refrra started from the original concept in 2017 which produced a working app in 2018. This app however lacked a lot of functionality, the design was not quite where we wanted it to be and the technology used was not the best option.

This lead us to a complete redesign and rebuild, investing heavily in user experience by design and latest technologies to promote security, simplicity and scalability.


Initial concept reinvented

The app you see today has been through a complete rebuild from the original concept


Infraestructure Development

A re-build provides many benefits including the ability to evaluate the whole technology stack as well as to seamlessly implement new functionality.


Alpha release

An alpha release was distributed to our team and business owners close to us which provided continuous testing and evaluation from real world users which was essential for our success


Official Launch

A very exiting time for us at refrra, fully functional, legally protected, trademarked, patent pending and live on the app stores... and there is nothing more exiting than user feedback for us so we look forward to improving the app further to better integrate into your way to working!


Refrra has been an initiative of Cody Fraser & family